Jewelery By Fareed Abdal May 30-June 2


Over eight years back architect and artist Fareed Abdal wanted to take his visions and interpretations  of Arabic letter forms into what we term callisculptural body adornment beginning with 28 Faces of the Beloved Collection comprising rings.  Embodying Abdal’s realm of the lunar changes of the Beloved.  One of the most sought out artists working in an array of mediums with a keen interest of works of ink on paper, the letter forms take on a life or face of their own.

Three years ago Abdal decided to add new interpretations of certain letters as well as expand letters into Persian.  Another beautiful addition is that the rings come in three finishes.  Silver Matte, Silver Shiny and Noir.

Beyond the ring collection another new series of pendants will be showcased; Dew Drops that are petite drops that can be added to a current piece on a bracelet or as a pendant necklace.  Also available in Silver Matte, Silver Shiny and Noir.

All Fareed Abdal originals come with a stamp indicating the attention to quality, workmanship and authenticity.  Created and made in Kuwait.

Please join us to experience both collections

Date:  Monday May 30

Time :  6:00 – 10:00 pm

Venue:  LB o J’zazz

Shop 16 2nd Floor Turath Mall

Mubarakiya (behind Soug el Hareem and adjacent to Share’a el Jadeed Electronics Street)

Exhibition for the collection will continue until Thursday June 2

Haa Ring

Yadawi; a story

It has been a trying period for us at a personal and work level the past 18 months.  Nevertheless, now more than ever Yadawi and what it means to individuals and it’s potential impact at a community level is vital more than ever.

We received a visit from a writer of a program who came by the shop in Mubarakiya last week they loved what they saw and we ended up being invited to be part of a segment on Al Shahed TV late night show program.  So the camera crew along with Abdulmageed Al Enizi the scriptwriter came to film the shop at 1 PM.  I packed some of our special pieces and was at the studio by 9:30 pm a few hours later.  We went live with Mr. Mohammed Al Mulla as part of the “Diwan Al Shabab” for a conversation and to talk about the Yadawi and LB o J’zazz story as it started and evolves.

It was nice to see how they focused on the details and were so appreciative of the items and objects.

Diwan Al Shabab on Al Shahed TV

Thank you all for being part of this journey and the story of Yadawi.





Create your own landscape in Polymer Clay with Reem Al-Hajri

Polymer Clay is a forgiving, creative and very responsive medium.  With a few tools, a pasta machine to condition and  create Skinner blends you are well on your way to realizing your own expressions.  Some of the most innovative objects of adornment in contemporary jewelry design are made with polymer clay.  Reem has attended workshops in the UK with Polymer Clay communities as well as with the world renowned artist Dona Kato of Kato Clay and has developed her own unique style with inspiration from Sadu, traditional weavings and textiles as a beginning of her expressions.

Reem Al Hajri

Reem Al Hajri has designed this class in a format that will enable you to walk out with a finished cabochon with elements, a landscape, floral or decorative elements.  It is one of our most requested workshops.

Cabochon Green

Date:  Saturday February 13  Time:  9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Venue:  Yadawi (formerly LB o J’zazz Beading Zone)                                                     Jabriya Block 9 Street 6 House 13 (side basement entrance)

     To make a reservation that includes Polymer Clay, use of studio tools and ovens as well as the instruction kindly click on : Intro to Polymer Clay Workshop


Reem demoing conditioning and Skinner Blends


Modern Calligraphy Save the Date!

For those of you who took Pointed Pen ( I ) and ( II ) back in November 2015 and want to discover contemporary styles in Modern Calligraphy Charmaine will be debuting this workshop on February 17.

You will be focusing on approaches with the idea of finding, developing and creating your own style of Modern Calligraphy.

To ensure your reservation as seats are limited  simply click on with your smart phone as this does not work on a PC, laptop or Ipad:

A romance

One of the longest, oldest romances is between the eye and the hand

Jake Weidman, Master Penman

When learning Arabic in the early seventies, it was my second language here in Kuwait.  Attending the public schools all subjects in the curriculum were in Arabic excluding the English session which of course I excelled at.  The first three months, was a type of daily, hourly and minute to minute purgatory as my mother and father tutored me to learn a language and grasp subjects to enable me to think in a new and alien language.  I would sit in class as my colleagues would elegantly and effortlessly memorize old Jaheli poetry, recite  with such adroit capacity of verses upon verses of the Holy Quran as I sat in awe of their abilities.  Rather than admit this was such a heroic feat, I would retort to my teachers that back in my school in Bloomington, Indiana my teachers taught me how to write poetry not merely recite.

However, there was one subject that was offered two to three times a week and in Arabic it is called “Khat” which can mean line, calligraphy or writing.  Beyond the daily English class, which was my only real redemption as a student to prove I was smart enough.

The “Khat” class for me was a way to get into forms of abstraction, lines, curves, shapes and new connections between the letters. I would immerse and lose my self in those 30 to 45 minutes of the stilling of time. It turns out I excelled in these classes, things started to happen, like understanding the spirit or the essence of a letter form, how it changes depending on where it was located within a word.  I began to learn how to speak and write Arabic and to love the language. My teachers were so surprised that despite not knowing how to speak, my penmanship was pretty impressive and was one of the top.  I discovered the inky, messy and beautiful fountain pen and it saved me.

My family lived and was immersed with music in our daily lives, my father; Saif introduced us to so many different genres and we always had some type of new music or a recording to listen to.  At that time he introduced me to Um Kalthoum which took a while for me to appreciate, I could not understand at the time why, it took her so long on the stage to get started, why could she not just start singing from the beginning?  But it was another songstress, another contemporary artist that left an indelible imprint when he first played the recording for me in our apartment one afternoon and that was Fayrouz.  Her voice was so lyrical and she transported me physically to the places, the streets and hidden alleyways of nostalgic memories and I was hooked.

Every day after school, after our lunch at home during our siesta I would rush to the Stereo and play her music on tapes, breaking down the syllables, the words and then began to write them both in English and then because I could write in Arabic as well, began to relearn the language by trying to decipher the letters and to write them so I could eventually sing along.  It took time, hours, days.  But then all real good things do.

The eye hand eye connection is even more important now than ever and Jake Weidman, one of the youngest Master Penman  describes and reiterates this in the next few minutes.  I am hoping that more and more young people have access to lettering and penmanship it will have a long range effect of us as individuals and societies and is a key pillar in our cultural literacy flourishing.

Jake Wiedman Master Penman

Quiet yet productive

It has been quite busy the past few weeks as we have been working on writing and developing new project proposals as Yadawi grows, export meetings with our experienced, world class providers such as Clairefontaine Rhodia and Decopatch in France as well as developing our workshop season. Much has happened in the realm of Art Clay, Polymer Clay, Beading and Pointed Pen Calligraphy.

We are also working to make it easier for you to secure your booking via Tap payments as well.

Stay tuned for our upcoming posts for workshops.


Our shop is closed but we have much in store for you…

The Mubarkiya shop is closed today until January 3, as Chaminda, Lail and I get things in order for a full schedule of workshops, events and new offerings.  We will also begin some tutorials on our You Tube Channel as well so stay tuned.

In addition, our Fantasia Masque workshop will be led by Lail this Sunday January 3, from 11 am – 1 pm.  If you would like to reserve a seat just inbox us at

Have a great weekend and see you next year ! ra